This is my feed where I publish everything related to games and gaming.

I will no longer rely on Steam for publishing reviews, but instead publish them here.
Along with screenshots, commentary and gaming philosophy.

All the content will be in English.

This is my current gaming equipment:
Intel i7-8700 @3.2GHz
32GB HyperX Fury DDR4 @2666MHz
Nvidia RTX2070
512&256GB M.2 NVMe SSD
AOC 27″ @ 144Hz & MSI 27″ @ 144Hz
Logitech G910/G600/G502
Sennheizer GSP 600
RØDE NT-USB Microphone

And you might need these skills on the intellectual journey:

  • “lul” = “Light unexpected laughter”
  • Right click and “Open image in new tab” allows you to see full scale images.
  • https://www.wiktionary.org/
  • [Triggerwarning]